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Our comprehensive website integration options empower you to create a highly interactive and technologically advanced learning experience

Step 1

Develop Your Course Whether initializing from the ground up or refining existing content, harness the capabilities of AppX's creator studio and expert guidance.

Step 2

Deploy Your Course Once content refinement is complete, deploy it seamlessly on your bespoke platform—retaining full control over design and ownership.


Monetize and Expand Execute strategic marketing initiatives to amplify course visibility! Benefit from our advanced marketing tools and capabilities for scalable growth.

Clear navigation

Intuitive menus and course structure allowing users to easily explore and find uploaded content

Search functionality

Efficient content discovery system with filters for subjects, difficulty levels, and content types

Visual design

Appealing aesthetics with consistent branding across all pages, creating an engaging learning environment

SEO optimization

Techniques to improve visibility in google searches, attracting potential audience

Mobile responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility

Seamless learning experience across various devices, enabling study on-the-go

Faster loading time

Optimized page and video load times to enhance learning continuity and reduce frustration

Why choose AppX to launch your course? 

The eLearning industry is poised to reach a market value of $325 billion by 2025, presenting abundant opportunities. With our extensive experience serving over 5000 creators, we've developed an end-to-end solution tailored to your needs. Notably, we pride ourselves on maintaining long-lasting client relationships.


Seamless Integration and Accessibility

Host your course on your own application with AppX, ensuring seamless access for your students from any device. Say goodbye to password hassles and cumbersome mobile browsers—our platform provides one-click accessibility that fosters student progress and enhances your reputation through stellar testimonials and referrals.


Flexibility to Suit Your Teaching Style

At AppX, we understand that every teacher has a unique teaching approach. Whether you prefer self-paced learning modules or active, instructor-led engagement, our platform gives you the flexibility to sell courses online in the way that best suits your style and objectives.


Enhanced Learning Experience

Go beyond traditional course delivery by engaging students with interactive elements such as quizzes, assignments, and multimedia. Encouraging active participation not only enriches the learning journey but also strengthens knowledge retention and overall student satisfaction.


Expert Support and Growth

Benefit from AppX's expert guidance and marketing capabilities to expand your reach and maximize course profitability. Tap into our proven strategies to boost student enrollment and engagement, ensuring your success in the competitive eLearning landscape.

It only takes 10 minutes to set up
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Customize, Upload and Launch! 

Student Focused Courses

We offer students a dedicated portal where they can manage their courses, track their progress, and keep tabs on their subscription. Let them interact by sharing their screen with peers or exchange ideas using the discussion forum.

What else can you do with your course? 

1) Assess student performance with polls and quizzes.
2) Reward students with personalized completion certificates upon course completion.
3) Utilize auto-graded online tests for efficient assessment.
4) Gather valuable insights with polls and feedback systems.
5) Issue e-certificates with unique IDs to validate learners' achievements effectively.

Your Course, Your Way

Let your content shine by choosing the best medium for your message: text, images, videos, downloads, PDFs, audio, and presentations.

Track the Performance

Measure and rate your student’s progress with assignments, Auto generated quizzes, surveys, and exams.

Keep Your Content in Place

Include websites and embed content already hosted elsewhere online directly within your course.

Mobile Application

Get rid of any barriers and drive engagement with a mobile application that gives learners the flexibility to consume course content wherever and whenever is most convenient.


What services does AppX offer?

AppX provides Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for Creators, offering customized website and application development, maintenance and ongoing support

Do I need technical expertise to use AppX services?

No, you don't need prior technical experience. Our team of professionals will handle the creation, maintenance and customization of your website and app for you

How long does it take to create a website or application with AppX?

It takes 3-5 days to deliver your finished application and website

Can I request changes or updates to my website or app after it's live?

Absolutely! AppX offers ongoing support and our team is available to make updates, additions or changes to your website or application as needed

What kind of support is available after the website or app is launched?

AppX offers ongoing support to address any issues, answer questions and make updates or improvements as your business evolves. Our support team is dedicated to ensuring your continued success

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